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Being a person passionate about good food – I started to become conscious of that which surrounded me and what is “native” to this area.

Besides the many potato farms – which produce the country’s best potato crops…. the Sandveld is well – renowned for the produce of Rooibos tea. It also offers pasture reared lamb and beef – which intrigued me…

Family and friends started requesting Sandveld meat – and as a favour I would fetch and carry their orders for them. However, it started becoming a bit of a “job” as the bags had to be defrosted, repacked and labelled – ready for delivery – a job that started far out weighing the “brotherly love” favours.

I then decided that I would do it on a more regular basis for them – but that there was a charge involved for my efforts. So, in a nutshell…. the Butcherette was born after three years of work.

Orders were initially just between family and friend, but my customer base has grown over the months from word of mouth.

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Pasture-reared meat from the Sandveld. Just really good quality honest meat free of hormones, antibiotics – which can be seen in taste and quality.

I work with local farmers in the Sandveld area, so I know that the meat is pasture-reared and I can monitor the quality and support smaller farmers rather than massive mass-produced meat factory-type farms. Meat is slaughtered to order for my customers. It is not certified “free range”, but just good quality honest meat free of hormones, antibiotics – which can be seen in taste and quality.

I believe that the middle class can also have the choice of eating healthier – at affordable prices – not having to pay exorbitant prices as charged by boutique butcheries for the “free range” stamp.

I am currently delivering once a month to Cape town – on scheduled days – as meat is slaughtered to order.

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“Pasture reared meat means safeguarding your health, protecting the environment, improving animal wellbeing and supporting local farmers”.